Non Toxic Alternatives to Dryer Sheets

Folding clothes is NOT my jam but from a very young age I’ve been obsessed with the smell of freshly dried clothes. The scent in fabric softeners and dryer sheets are created with synthetic fragrances and chemicals not ideal for the home environment and once I found this out I was on a serious hunt to find healthier options that would keep my clothes soft and smelling good. 

Sniff this…..

I used to love me some April Fresh scent however years of chronic sinus and respiratory concerns left me unable to tolerate the smell. Did you know each time fabric softeners are used and exposed to heat, vapors are often released? These chemicals when inhaled can have a major impact on your overall wellness.

Remember that cute snuggly bear that made you want to do laundry all day long? Me too, and I used to beg my mom for those dryer sheets. Now I’m glad she didn’t listen to me. Each time you throw dryer sheets in with your clothes, the heat releases chemicals from the sheet not only into the fibers of your clothes but also through the vents and into the air within your home.

These are some common health concerns that can be related to such exposure (for more even more deets on this, check out info here):


Skin Irritation

Central nervous system disorders


…… Sounds lovely right? 

Safe and Natural Alternatives 

It can be overwhelming not knowing what to do when you want clothes that are soft and smell good. Trust me, it’s possible and the switch is not only easy but crazy cost effective too! Here are some of my favorite suggestions:

  • Air dry your clothes - grab yourself a great set of drying racks and let nature do it’s thing! 

  • Use wool dryer balls (you can totally add some top quality essential oils for smell) to use in place of dryer sheets. Pro tip: grab a safety pin and put in the wool ball to help reduce any potential for static.  

  • Grab a cloth, spray it generously with vinegar and toss into the dryer. (If you’re like me you’ll throw that vinegar in a glass spray bottle with some quality essential oils to create a fresh and airy scent for your homemade dryer sheets). 

Which one is my go to? Yep, you guessed it..... wool dryer balls! Although I was convinced my clothes were going to have wool pill all over them, I noticed my clothes dried in a faster time and when I added the essential oil onto the wool balls the clothes had a light but noticeable scent. They are the bomb-not to mention easy and economical….my kinda living! 

Which option is your favorite?

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