2 Keys to Achieve Success with Your Health Goals

2 Keys to Achieve Success with Your Health Goals

Whether it's friends or family I constantly hear people say they ‘wish’ they could be, do, move like someone else". I’m always fascinated by such statements and it often sparks convo to find out more about the goals my friends/family have.

Here’s what I’ve found…..regardless of the goal most people aren’t in the right mindset to be able to really crush their goals. Especially when it comes to health goals. Yep, it’s just that simple. Wishing and hoping aren’t going to cut it. These feelings are filled with underlying doubt and worry about your potential to succeed. 

I don’t want that for ya so let’s have some real talk about 2 key things you must have to successfully achieve your health goals.


Do you really believe you are going to hit this goal you set? I’m not talking about how you’ll do it, I’m speaking upon the idea that no one is going to believe in you as much as you believe in you. Do you really believe with 100% of your heart that you are worthy of achieving the goal you desire? Maybe not. I've discovered that without belief there is no trust, no action, and no drive to take the daily steps to lead you to where you want to be.

Belief in yourself is a key mindset component to any health goal. When you have undeniable belief in yourself and your goal NOTHING will stand in your way. (aka not even that desire to Netflix binge watch).

For 12 years I struggled with belief that I could get rid of meds for my chronic sinus issues and would constantly tell myself  “there’s no other option”. It wasn't until I stopped inundating myself with self doubt and negative self talk that I was able to find the solutions I had been desiring all those years. Trust me, if you believe you are worthy of a long lasting, happy, and flourishing quality of life your belief in what you want will outweigh all that negative nonsense. 


This is such a struggle for women and in the age of the digital comparison trap. We’re all human and often want what others have but when you focus your energies on you and what you want you no longer have the time to worry about what others say and do. 

Now I know some of ya' are saying “....well, I’m introverted and shy", “I don’t really think I am confident”, “I really don’t have time because I’m so busy”. WARNING WARNING: negative talk alert-step away from those thoughts and start telling yourself the exact opposite. Your health goals can be achieved with ease if you are confident and clear on what you want and why you want it. If you desire to move better, feel stronger, use less medications etc then you will need to have the confidence required to do so.

The Takeaway

It’s time to quiet the noise in your head, listen to your intuition, start to believe in yourself, and increase your confidence. You’ll see that the most valuable investment that any of us truly make is in ourselves and our health!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. What has helped you get your goals achieved with ease?

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