my pet-peeve?

watching women like you, drown in a confusing-as-hell medical culture that chews them up and spits them out....

all before breakfast.

watching women like you, spin their wheels, looking for genuine answers, only to find providers interested in giving half-ass solutions...

that serve as superficial bandaids to a larger issue.

watching women like you, aim for change in unsustainable ways...

only to be later lost in the shuffle of a non-inclusive, disparity-driven healthcare system.

yeah, I guess you could say these things kinda piss me off.

so yeah, I'm a to-the-point-type-uh-woman.

but...I have a feeling so are you.

so to recap:

I help BIPOC navigate the healthcare system and ethically manage their health as holistically as possible. Think of me as your healthcare management liaison. Together, we work: save frustration in experiencing the same roadblocks again and again. save $ in prescription coverage. save time in pointless or redundant appointments. save precious transportation, childcare, and work-leave resources. save confusion in how your body works and create sustainable ways to track, manage, and improve your health.

Our healthcare system wasn't designed for people like us.

It isn't made simple. It wasn't made fair or equitable. It often leaves us throwing our hands up in the air, quickly followed by a "just forget it."

together, we'll end all that.

Determinedly, Dr. Linda Allen

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