5 Tips to Creating a Healthy Mindset

5 Tips to Creating a Healthy Mindset

Maybe you’ve heard about financial investments, educational investments, and even gym membership investments but what about investments into upgrading your mindset?

I know it may not seem worth investing in as your mind is always ‘on’ but truth be told your mind may not be focused on the right things and that could be holding you back. I know it was for me!

Just like you workout your muscles, your brain and your thoughts also need a workout of their own and that requires just as much effort on a daily basis as anything else.

I describe a healthy mindset as one that is able to find the good in all things, that focuses on the positive aspects, and seeks to increase awareness and adaptability.

Becoming aware of just how important your attitude and mindset is in all your decisions is vital and although it’s work, it is the best investment you will ever make in yourself.

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Here are 5 tips to help you create a healthier mindset:

  1. Daily Gratitude

The attitude of gratitude is the winning mindset to have. When your mindset is fostering a lot of negative thoughts and opinions you find yourself believing what you have is not enough as compared to someone else. It’s time to ditch those ideas and give daily gratitude for the things you have (big and small) as well as the things you want to attract into your life that aren’t yet apparent to you.

  1. Setting Clear Boundaries

Too often as women we can get caught in allowing others negative drama to capture our precious time. This can be so difficult but having clear boundaries for your time and energy will allow your mind to be in a space to be creative towards the things you want. 

  1. Move Daily

I am a Physical Therapist so I cannot leave movement out of the equation. Physical movement that you enjoy not only helps your body but the endorphins released help your brain and often spark that creative and imaginative spirit that allows you to strive for your goals. 

  1. Stay Curious

Having a healthy mindset means you need to foster a willingness to learn something new and also put it into action. Podcasts or personal development books are a great way to start, just remember no action no growth.   

5. Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

You may have heard it before however you act and think like the 5-10 people you spend the most time around. When you are spending more time around like minded and positive people you are more inclined to view things in a much different way!

Creating a healthy mindset will absolutely feel daunting and like a second job at first, but remain consistent and you will see just how seamless and engrained this way of thinking becomes in your daily life. I suggest starting with 1-2 of the tips and move forward from there. No point in getting stress and frustrated trying to do it all at once right? Have fun!

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