Easy Ways to Hygee Your Home

Easy Ways to Hygee Your Home

What is Hygee anyway?

Hoagie? Hi-G? UGH…..if you’re feeling like you have no idea how to even pronounce this no worries, I had no clue what this was until I learned from a friend, but let me tell you this is a concept that could get me into HomeGoods to buy all the comfy simplistic decor for my home. Pronounced HOO-gah, hygee is an idea created back in the 18th century by the Danish that not only is a way of being but describes decor that is free of clutter and full of serenity. 

Since the main characteristics behind hygge are revolving around coziness this lifestyle can often involve much more than decor.

How do you create a hygge environment?

This may sound crazy but the more simplistic and neutral the better. Think lounging on the sofa with a cup of cocoa and a blanket while enjoying beautiful throw pillows surrounding you type of chill. Here are some easy suggestions to start creating a hygee enviornment in your home!

  1. Use Aromatherapy: Scented candles are cute but can be a potential fire hazard with kids or if you fall asleep and since many are filled with synthetic fragrances and ingredients they can be damaging to the respiratory system. Switch them out for diffusers and quality essential oils-not only will the smell last much longer but you will also enjoy the health benefits as well, creating the ultimate calming vibe.

  2. Create a spa-like bathroom: I’m the kind of girl that loves a good bath and creating a hygge bathroom was a priority on my list (hello…..anyone else love a good bubble bath?) Consider adding cute neutral colored decor and simplistic storage to declutter the space. If it’s within your budget change the light switch to a dimmer and grab yourself some battery operated candles it instantly turned my bathroom into a spa like feel-you may just find the bathroom becomes your new hide out spot!

  3. Create a cozy space with pillows and blankets: You clearly don’t have to tell me twice to cuddle up in a warm blankie with my fav sweats on! This paired with a good book or some chill music and tea and I’m in cozy hygge heaven.

Can you chill with it? 

Well…..hell yeah! I’m all about self care and less stress in my life and if you're like me this concept is a great way to practice true self care. Need more deets on this concept check out this book and get ready to embrace the hygge life. It will be just what the doctor should’ve ordered! 

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