and yes, it is work

but, it isn't as complicated as you may have been led to believe it is bae. 

It's a lot of unlearning. Redirecting. Juggling some priorities. Embracing your personal non-negotiables. And reframing what it means to actually be a Black diabetic. Redefining its' label as something you have control over and shifting your future (as well as your families future).

Because yes, Type II Diabetes is generational, but that doesn't mean you were born with it hun. It means that families learn habits, routines, expectations, and priorities from those who raise us up. Honest mistakes. Genuine, yet altered perceptions of how we are to manage our healthcare, diet, and routines.

Add the layer of cultural disparity we experience as BIPOC, and you've got an ideal cocktail for disease that gets passed on through families for decades and decades. It's not fun to admit or accept, but seeing these variables for what they are, is the first step to changing how Black families address their health in our society, and is exactly what we will do in our work, together.

 Breaking generational ish one woman at a time, because if anyone's gonna bust the chains, its us queens. amirite?

Diabetic Concierge Coaching

Some women like that high-end touchpoint that includes regular consultations, check-ins, and systems that feel as curated as their fav craft cocktail. If 1 : 1 attention in a clinical coaching relationship is your vibe, this is for you boo.

The Black Diabetic

Your DIY Diabetic recovery course created for the overwhelmed, stressed out Black queen who wants to move through healing at her own pace, in her own time. Members of this community have access to Dr. Linda via e-mail during office hours, and are welcome to purchase consult calls a la carte.

Black Girls Guide to T2 Diabetes

For the WOC who keeps going to those medical appts and still feels they don't have a damn clue what's really going on with Type 2 Diabetes. This intro guide provides you all the deets in a simple, concise, and straight to the point matter.      
Seriously tho.... it's everything and a bag of chips! 

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