The Best Natural Oven Cleaner Recipe

The Best Natural Oven Cleaner Recipe

It’s no secret I can’t stand cleaning, but when it comes to oven cleaning I have a long standing dislike for it. Growing up the smell of Easy Off and Self Cleaning Oven debacles would have me evacuating the home all day to avoid the toxic chemical smell. 

Now that I have my own home, I’ve had to find a way to stay on top of cleaning the dirt without the harsh side effects.

Self Cleaning or Solo Cleaning

Anyone that uses their oven to cook on the regular will experience burnt food on the sides or burnt and stuck food on the bottom of the oven  often. 

If you're like me, it really doesn't sound exciting to sit for an hour and scrub heavily to keep the oven clean. 

Self cleaning ovens, although efficient, have been known to produce a lot of fumes from the high heat. (Not something that sounds like a great side effect for trying to keep your home clean).

So for me….solo cleaning it is!

Natural Oven Cleaner 

It took me years to get past the trauma of my mother cleaning the household oven to finally take on this challenge myself. My requirements; find a recipe that wouldn’t require gloves, a mask, and windows to be opened for what felt like a lifetime. 

I took a lot of time to check out ingredients in many products sold in common stores and realized those options weren’t for me. Luckily I found a natural option that wasn’t harsh on my skin or respiratory system. Here how you can make it yourself:


Baking soda

Thieves cleaner

Lemon Essential Oil

Instructions: In a glass bowl take approximately 2 cups of baking soda and add 3 caps of Thieves cleaner and 3-5 drops of lemon oil. Mix it together until it makes a paste. Rub the paste on the inside of the oven. Let it sit for approximately 15 mins and take a wet cloth/towel and wipe it off! (make sure all the baking soda residue is removed before you use the oven again so that you don’t experience any smoke.

I love this plant based recipe for it’s effectiveness and simplicity and I know you’ll love it too! Check it out and comment below with your thoughts.

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