...hassle-free healthcare.

Less hunting, more healing.

Sometimes, that means I help you sift through the info you've spent years gathering, and calculate your next steps.

Who to pursue next. How to find them. What questions to have prepared for your visit.

Ya know, the stuff that often wipes you out in confusion and leaves you feeling defeated and small...like it doesn't matter who you see, or what you understand about your health.

 It matters.

Cheers to remembering just how much.

Navigation Consultation

Some people like to get right to the point. They have health issues. Feel confused about where to go next. Don't understand their resources. They just need help, and want to talk to a real life human who won't make them feel stupid about understanding it all. And they want to start pronto. Here ya go.

Medical Gaslighting 411

This offer is for the peep who feels pretty confident in navigating the system, but wants help in knowing what to look for as professional red flag behavior as they strive to find helpful, equitable experts for their healthcare team.

Master your MD appt checklist

Completely free. 
Enjoy the freedom that comes with leaving your
appointment without feeling like you wasted your time. 
Get the answers by planning your visit. This will help.

Still kinda lost?

That's okay. It's alot. We get it. E-mail us and we'll help direct you to you and your families best option.

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