Paperwork weighing you down?

Are you using wellness scan tools but inconsistent with follow up?

Grab your iTOVi & Zyto Insights Pro scan sheet and gain:

  • An easy and effective way to keep track of client’s results 
  • A custom branded sheet to itemize clients monthly wellness plan choices
  • A digital way to track & review your client scans from anywhere
  • An easy way to digitally file the information for quick reference
  • A simplified process to monitor progress during client follow up.

Who Am I?
Hey There I'm Linda Allen!
  • A sassy NYer who has a love for travel
  • I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • A lifestyle medicine coach for Black Women
  • An ESFJ, Red personality, & Enneagram 8 (my to the point talk is all in love)
  • I'm obsessed with all things mindset and personal development
I believe entrepreneurs can grow their YL customer base with ease when the focus is centered on value based information that helps a customer see why a suggested product would benefit them......

That's why I'm going to love watching you grow and REVOLUTIONIZE your biz-nass! Now let's get to WERK!

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