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What Is Scanning Solutions Academy?
What You'LL Learn

Sign up for Scanning Solutions Academy TODAY and get instant access to these BONUSES:
Bonus #1: Scanning Flow Charts and Conversation Cheat Sheets ($27 value)

I provide you with an example flow of how the entire automated sequence would work once all modules are completed and provide you with examples of statements and questions that you can ask a client when performing your own scans.

Bonus #2: Client Scanning Sheet Templates ($127 value)

Let's not drop the ball again on your follow up m'kay? You can't possibly remember every detail of product results for each client scan. That's why I provided you the easy button with customized review sheets to keep solid documentation per client as you go thru scan reports. In paper and digital forms these scan sheets help you maintain an organized system and focus on effective follow up.

Bonus #3: Ways to Use your Scanner Guide ($27 Value)

Imagine having ideas for ways to use your scanner with different client groups. Well, now you've got it! Full of ideas to get you off the 'struggle bus' and onto the road towards Diamond!

Bonus #4: Social Media Tips for Sharing your Scanning Service ($97 Value)

I know, I know..... you post all the time but few comment and even fewer are putting that thumbs up. Well..... what if I could help you get more creative with HOW you share your scanning services online. Would you wanna know? Duh, of course! That's why you'll have immediate access to this bonus video module with tips and tricks for how to start learning how to socially sell your scanning service thru storytelling!

Deets on the group coaching
6 Months Worth of Group Coaching Replays
Access to Tech Coaching Calls with the GetOiling Team and Business Strategy Coaching Calls with Linda 
to help you create the ultimate business plan for your scanning systems


Let's recap shall we?
The Academy Includes:

Setting Up Scanning Email Campaigns ($97 value)
Creating an Online Calendar System ($97 value)
Utilizing Video Content and Thumbnail Creation ($97 value)
Customizing Sales Pages for Scanning Services ($97 value)
Integrating Stripe & Branding Stripe for Your Business ($97 value)
Developing Landing Pages for Your Scanning Services ($97 value)
Pitching Your Scanning Services to Wellness Professionals ($167 value)
How to Use Resource Tools to Create Systems for Scan Reviews ($27 value)
Interpreting Scan Report Patterns and How to Explain to Clients ($267 value)
Closing Customers & Developing Follow Up Plans ($97 value)

6 Months of Group Coaching  Replays($267 value)

Instant Access Bonuses:
Flow Charts & Convo Cheat Sheets ($27 value)
Scanning Client Review Templates ($127 value)
Ways to Use Your Scanner PDF ($27 value)
Video Module on Sharing Scanning Services on Social Media ($97 value)

(Payment Plan Option Available)

What Are Brand Partners Saying?

Behind the Scenes
Who Am I?
Hey There I'm Linda Allen!
  • A sassy NYer who has a love for travel
  • I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • A lifestyle medicine coach for Black Women
  • An ESFJ, Red personality, & Enneagram 8 (my to the point talk is all in love)
  • I'm obsessed with all things mindset and personal development
I believe entrepreneurs can grow their YL customer base with ease when the focus is centered on value based information that helps a customer see why a suggested product would benefit them......

That's why I'm going to love watching you grow and REVOLUTIONIZE your biz-nass! Now let's get to WERK!

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