Are you a WOC diagnosed with T2 Diabetes or Pre Diabetes and confused AF?


Sis, I see you frustrated...
Lost in a sea of medical appointments and medical terms that have yet to be explained to you.

I know you're busy & exhausted with no time to do all the searches on 
'da Googs and just need clear, concise answers. 

It's time to STOP stressin'
The Black Girls Intro Guide to T2 Diabetes was made just for you!
Simple. Straight forward. No Fluff
..... but no worries queen, ya won't be hearing me tell ya to stop eating all your cultural foods in this guide!

What's Included ?
  • Breakdown of basic terminology often heard with T2D
  • Understanding 3 common causes for the diagnosis
  • Key fundamentals to shifting and reversing the diagnosis
  • Basics about the benefits of movement 
  • The skinny behind which carbs are important in your diet
  • Examples of foods to consume INCLUDING examples of AA/Caribbean cultural foods that can aid in your T2 diabetic reversal

Queen it's time to become UNAPOLOGETIC about health being your BIRTHRITE!

Information courtesy of Linda Allen
© 2021 Linda Allen